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Our Mission

Our mission is to overcome the development, sustainment, and widespread utilization challenges for scientific and model-based engineering software. Technical, high performance software is an integral component in all aspects of scientific, engineering, and data analysis projects, but its widespread utilization is greatly marginalized due to the development, sustainment, infrastructural, and licensing costs. The Software Commons is designed to overcome these challenges and provide the end user, the developer, the sponsor, and their respective organizations with the resources and solutions necessary to maximize the effective utilization of these codes, facilitate cost-sharing collaborations, and connect researcher, developer, and users.

What is The Software Commons?

The Software Commons is a cloud-based system that provides the following:

  • access to state-of-the-art academic, government, and private industry computational codes and tools;
  • computational resources for evaluation, test, research, and production use;
  • help desk, user support, training, engineering design and development support;
  • a secure and fully integrated development environment;
  • a community social networking portal; and
  • an opportunity to showcase capabilities and generate usage fees.
  • Data and Code Security

    The infrastructure, system administration, security protocols, and operational procedures of the Software Commons are compliant with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Control and are designed to provide the utmost protection for proprietary and sensitive data and codes.

    Heartland Science and Technology Group

    The Software Commons is maintained, operated, and supported by Heartland Science and Technology Group (Heartland), a nonprofit corporation organized for scientific research, engineering development, and educational purposes. Heartland's mission includes providing educational, technical, and business services and solutions and fostering the transfer, integration, and utilization of university, government, and private industry research for public and social good purposes.

    Heartland has extensive experience with and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the software development life-cycle including requirements definition, use case analysis, test plan development, architectural design, prototyping, implementation, and user support. Heartland’s software development experience ranges from developing first principles scientific and engineering computational software and analysis tools, to managing and hosting government accredited web servers and databases for sensitive but unclassified data. Furthermore, Heartland has extensive programming experience with compiled languages, scripting, and higher-level languages. Heartland adheres to well-established software development best practices including distributed version control, bug tracking and issue resolution, automated build systems, and regression testing.

    Heartland provides development, consulting, and support services for multiple projects dealing with the trusted collection, aggregation, and dissemination of big data. This work includes developing an information system for the agricultural community that, through the integration of precision agriculture, conservation management, and economic data, will facilitate the widespread adoption of conservation management best-practices (www.precisionconservation.org), and supporting the development of a multilevel secure solution for extremely large scientific data sets.

    In addition, Heartland provides support to programs to improve the management and protection of our natural resources, create secure and easy to use big data solutions, and develop instrumentation to measure the makeup of water and soil samples. Heartland is also leading an effort to establish a collaborative scientific software community that will enable private and public organizations to research, develop, and employ scientific and high performance computational codes while preserving proprietary methods, processes, and information.

    More information about Heartland can be found at www.heartlandstg.org

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