The Software Commons provides easy access to and use of the latest and most advanced academic, government, and private industry computational codes and tools. It was established by and is maintained by Heartland Science and Technology Group – a nonprofit technology corporation engaged in scientific research, engineering development, and technology solutions for public and social good purposes (

The Software Commons Components


Code Gallery
… is a showcase of codes, algorithms, and other tools that are available for evaluation, research, and production purposes. The code gallery also provides members with the ability to market or advertise codes and generate revenue from code utilization.

Computation Resource Center
… provides easy access to High Performance Computing (HPC) resources that are configured with a multilevel secure operating system to provide enhanced security for proprietary, ITAR, SBU, and FOUO data. Help desk, user support, and training on the codes and computational resources are provided.

Collaborative Development Environment
… provides the resources necessary for single or multiple organizations to enhance, refactor, and develop model-based software tools. Repositories, automatic build and test systems, issue tracking, software libraries and compilers, visualization and analysis tools, and more are provided. Optional R&D and design services are provided by Heartland and its partners.

Community Portal
… is a social networking site to stay abreast of technology advancements, research solutions, resolve development problems, and connect with research organizations, researchers, and other users and developers of model-based software tools.


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